Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Cloverfield has never really been a film I'm that bothered about, I only watched it because I had to for an assignment. But that being said, I actually really really enjoyed it.

I think the plots pretty simple and most people probably know what it's about anyway. But basically New York is under attack by an alien monster and our protagonists are trying to escape. The format of this film is used through the means of the hand-held camera, very Blair Witch esc. This keeps us at a personal level with the characters and makes the action more engaging.

It is safe to say that there is not an awful lot to this plot. It simply seems like an echo of the 911 terrorist attacks, however that being said, I have to say it is still very engaging. Once the monster attacks, the action is constantly fast which makes you unable to switch off. The chaos is paralleled with the unreliable camera source, which simply allows the story to feel a lot more real.

I wasn't necessarily blown away by any of the actors but I didn't hate them either. Most of the lead characters are averagely hot, so I guess they help to hold your attention somewhat. Rob (Michael Stahl-David) and Beth (Odette Yutsman) are both pretty easy on the eyes.

The ending was naturally predictable but that doesn't really matter because this film isn't really about creating twists or leaving you surprised. The main point of the film is to simply demonstrate the monster in our society. How destructive things we depend on are, technology being the main point of reason.

So yeah, I would definitely give Cloverfield a watch. It's very short, (just over an hour) and its filled with mindless entertainment. I don't think I need to give anymore reasons than that. I've already stated that the actors aren't ugly, soooo I'll leave it with you. 7/10

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