Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Disney Pixars "Up"

My rating: 9/10

Despite the Oscar nomination and flood of great reviews this film received, there was a very big part of me that still failed to retain any enthusiasm to watch it. It wasn't until my boyfriend forced me into sitting through it with him that allowed me to give it some time. As it turned out, I loved it!

The start is fast with very little dialogue. Although initially this seems a bit unnecessary and strange, it is intrinsic in order to set up the true beginning of the story as well as aiding the purpose behind it. The first introduction of Ellie's 'Adventure Book' is an important part of the rest of the story and so it is necessary for us to understand the idea's and the formality of the book so we can understand the path, our protagonist, Carl chooses to take during the film.

Up is a story about an elderly man who strives to fulfil his deceased wife's lifelong dream of living in "paradise falls" in South America. And so in a bid to achieve this dream, he lifts his house in the air with the aid of helium balloons and flies it to his destination.

Of course this journey is not made easy, as what kind of story would it be if it were? Mid flight, Carl realises he has accidentally set sail with aspiring wilderness adventurer, Russell. Russell is an annoying child with the ability to talk somebody into an early grave. However his positive energy and continuous good nature allows him to be instantly and constantly a very likeable character. His willingness to help Carl even though Carl has shown no warmth to him is truly heart-warming and it is this reason he warms his way into our hearts.

Naturally when they arrive in South America, things don't go smoothly when they are faced with the antagonistic force of Carl's childhood hero, Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) who has set his team of dogs out to wipe Carl out at all costs.

Up is a very unique, heart-warming story that touches the surface of many emotions dealing with grief, anger, comradery, betrayal and above all things love. It is truly an engaging story that anyone can enjoy. With talking dogs and a flying house, what child would not love this? It is filled with simple, innocent jokes that both adults and children can enjoy. And the level of depth within the characters is something that allows a great empathetic connection making it a very beautiful and lovely film to watch. The soundtrack is perfectly suited to the film. The music is beautiful and uplifting which creates a direct parallel to the characteristics of this picture.

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